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Benefits and Advantages of CCNA Certification with Top Job Profile

October 27, 2018 5:24 am by GNS Technologies

Benefits and Advantages of CCNA Certification 

CCNA, undoubtedly, is amongst the highest-rated certifications in the IT industry. Considering that the IT industry is projected to grow multiple folds in parallel to the other industries, in the next few years, it is quite apparent that CCNA professionals would remain in vogue. CCNA, also known as Cisco Certified Network Associate in its full form, brings in a lot of benefits for budding network associates, and also for people who wish to move up the ladders. So, why not read this blog and take a look at some of the most common CCNA in pune certification benefits?

5 Benefits of CCNA Certification

  1. Technical Proficiency

CCNA certification implies strengthening the fundamentals of networking, which in turn, would help you kick-start your career as a networking professional. As a CCNA professional, you would have brighter career prospects, as compared with IT graduates, who do not hold any professional certification.
  1. Moving up the Ladder

Yes, this refers to promotion. Remember, certifications endorse your conceptual as well technical proficiency at a particular subject-matter and therefore play an important role in your career. A CCNA certification would help you climb up the ladder in a quicker manner, as of course, companies prefer promoting people who are technically sound.
  1. Increments

Perhaps, the most fascinating part! CCNA certification allows you the bandwidth, along with authority to negotiate your salary package, and not necessarily settle onto the package offered by the prospective employer. Being a professional certificate that establishes your technical as well as conceptual capabilities, CCNA certified professionals stand a better chance of earning better salaries than the ones who aren’t!
  1. Working with Larger Corporations

CCNA is a highly-reputed and high-profile certification that attracts the larger corporations towards your CV, and if everything goes well, the next thing that you could have in hand is the job offer letter! So, if you intend to work with larger companies in the market, CCNA certification could be of a large help to you.
  1. A Solid Beginning in the IT Industry

CCNA is a certification of substance. It keeps you distinguished from the ordinary CVs that flood the inbox of technology companies. Therefore, the industry and the employer look at you as a distinct professional with a special certification, thereby helping you gain a solid start in the industry. And yes, remember, CCNA is the just the beginning of the other advanced courses offered by Cisco, and which could prove to be even better in terms of career prospects and career growth. GNS Technologies is one of the most reputed CCNA certification institutes in Pune that aim at not just developing technical expertise at CCNA, but great CCNA careers. To enroll yourself for the next CCNA certification batch in Pune, call GNS Technologies at +91 20 4129 2233 or contact the institute through email by writing at