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CCNA in Pune Course Importance in your career 2018-2022

October 22, 2018 6:54 am by GNS Technologies

Cisco Certified Network Associate, known as CCNA in the technology circles, is a group of technical network accreditations endorsing an individual’s capabilities at routing, switching, designing, and security, and troubleshooting of networks. Asevery modern set up requires developing networking, CCNA course has been an in-trend certification offering ample job opportunities. This blog that talks about some aspects associated with CCNA in pune including CCNA jobs, CCNA salaries, CCNA technologies, and its growth and development prospects. CCNA Courses CCNA is a five-level course that includes CCNA Certification at the second level. It is preceded by the entry level, and later, followed by the third level-associate level, fourth one – expert, and the fifth and the final one, which is the architect level. Each level holds individual promise in the industryand offers several career opportunities. CCNA certification includes building expertise at various functions including Cyber Security Operations, Routing, and Switching, Design Collaboration, Industrial IoT Cloud, Security and many more. Further, the course also includes developing expertise at LAN switching technologies, WAN technologies, IPv4 and IPv6 routing technologies, etc. CCNA Jobs Particularly in India, wherein businesses are on a growth spree, along with several others in the pipeline, CCNA jobs would be on the rise. On successful completion of the CCNA Certification one can apply for a number of jobs including CCNA network support engineer, technician, 2nd and 1st line support, network administrators, IT manager, systems engineer, technical support engineer, etc. CCNA Salary Let us look at the per annum salaries of various positions associated with CCNA. Salaries would vary based on the individual’s experience and the employer. While the median salary for a network engineer is somewhere around 300,000 INR, the minimum is around 150,000 INR, and the maximum is near to 695,000 INR. A network administrator earns a median salary of 340,000 INR, a minimum salary of around 150,000 INR and a maximum of around 710,000 INR. Once you climb up the ladder to become a Senior Network Engineer, the median salary is around 610,000 INR, the minimum salary is around 300,000 INR and the maximum earning potential nears to around 1 million INR per annum. CCNA in Pune offers several growth and development opportunities. Based on your performance, you can grow within the department to become the vertical head, headingnetworking administration throughout the organization’s network. GNS offers the best CCNA Course in Pune aimed at developing comprehensive expertise at the subject-matter and its various technologies. For additional details, call GNS Technologies at +91 20 4861 0604.