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ccna training in puneCCNA Certification Training Institute

Who should do?

  • 10th & 12th standard students
  • Undergraduates & Graduates- Engineers,
  • BCS etc.
  • Post Graduates- MCA, MCM etc.


Duration of CCNA Certification Training Institute at GNS technologies is

18 DAYS (36 HOURS)

Career potential

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Sr. Network Engineer
  • Systems Engineer
  • Technical Support Engineer
  • IT Manager

CCNA course Overview

The CCNA in pune certification, devised by CISCO, actually stands for CISCO Certified Network Associate. It is an associate or foundational level certification Classes which covers basics of CISCO networking, routing and switching technologies along with IP addressing and WAN technologies. As a CCNA certified expert, you can easily design, plan, install, configure, operate and troubleshoot medium-size networks including the implementation of remote connections in WAN. After completion of CCNA certification in pune , students can either opt for advanced certificates such as CCNA in pune , ccna Security, CCNP or look for a job opportunity in the IT industry. Today, CCNA is easily one of the most valued IT certification across the globe.
Benefits of CCNA Certification course in pune
CCNA Routing and Switching training imparted by GNS technologies provides immense learning benefits to the individuals and also ensures following key skills enhancement
As a CCNA in Pune certified expert you
  • Understand the different concepts of networking and learn to deploy simple LANs
  • Gain essential skills necessary to manage the CISCO network and devices along with configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Can manage basic security for networking devices
  • Can define the concept, components, functions and characteristics of WAN

CCNA Classes in Pune |The Best Training CCNA in Pune

Cisco Certified Network Associate, popularly known as CCNA, is one of the most prestigious and preferred professional educational certificates throughout the industry. Aspiring network engineers, network administrators, systems engineers, IT managers, technical support engineers, etc. must look up to this course as something that would broaden their professional horizon, and make them the professional the industry would look forward to recruiting. As one of the best technology institutes in Pune, GNS Technologies offer a comprehensive CCNA course aimed at enhance the professional expertise of budding network administrators and making them industry-ready. The CCNA course offered by GNS includes practical learning of the fundamental as well as the latest applications and technologies used in CCNA.

Why go for CCNA Certification?

As said earlier, CCNA is one of the most prestigious certificates in the industry. However, having said that, CCNA certificate is not just glitter, but holds a lot of professional weight and having this certificate in your folder would help increase your credibility and assure the prospective employer about your capabilities to handle various real-world challenges. In simple words, it is an endorsement that approves your expertise over the subject-matter. Besides, network engineers or system administrators are a part of the fundamental IT infrastructure, and therefore despite the dynamic nature of technologies, the industry would require network engineers and system administrators for years to come.

CCNA Course Outline | GNS Technologies CCNA Classes in Pune

Pursuing CCNA course through GNS Technologies would help you develop expertise in various operations including designing, planning, installing, configuring, operating and troubleshooting medium-size networks. In addition, you would also be able to carry out the implementation of remote connections in WAN. On successful completion of CCNA certification, you may go for advanced certifications including CCNA Security, CCNP or take up a job as a network administrator in any of the modern-day enterprises.

Why GNS Technologies for ccna  Training in Pune?

GNS Technologies is an institute with a difference! In fact, it is not just an institute but an excellence center that helps increase the professional quotient of the candidates and prepares them for the big race. There are many reasons why you must choose GNS Technologies as your passport to get into the industry and excel in your career as a network administrator. Here are some of the most obvious reasons for choosing GNS Technologies over its counterparts.
  • Latest, relevant and most intelligently designed course content.
  • The best and the most experienced trainers in the industry delivering training in an interesting, interactive and innovative manner.
  • Modern and competitive infrastructure.
  • Deploying the latest technologies and helping students develop expertise over all the latest industry tools.
  • Challenging real-world project work.
  • Placement assistance and many more.
  • Interview preparation to crack the multiple challenging interview rounds.
  • Resume preparation.

CCNA Career Opportunities

The world of CCNA career opportunities is absolutely endless! After successful completion of this course, candidates can apply for several job openings including network administrators, system administrators, system engineers, technical support professionals, computer hardware engineer, help desk professional, network support technician, IT administrator, IT technician, field service technician, intranet specialist and in areas such as security database development. Delaying career plans isn’t a prudent idea. Considering the proficiency that you would be developing after successful completion of the CCNA course, you must get in touch with GNS Technologies today! For additional insights and to enroll yourself for the course, call +91 20 4861 0604, +91 20 4129 2233.

CCNA training content

  1. Cisco Certification, IP addressing, Network Topologies.
  2. Cables, OSI layers, Network Devices.
  3. Routing, Dynamic route, Routing Information Protocol (RIP).
  4. Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP).
  5. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF).
  6. Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
  7. Access Control List (ACL), Network Address Translation (NAT).
  8. Switching, Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP).
  9. Virtual LAN (VLAN) and VLAN Trunking Protocol.
  10. Inter Vlan Routing, Port Security.
  11. IP Services, WANTechnologies.
  12. Backup and Restore of Cisco IOS.